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Featured Entrepreneur Profiles


A Creative Problem Solver Takes the Car-Sharing Concept to a New Level

Entrepreneur: Scott Griffith
Company: Zipcar

If you live in a city, or even near one, you've probably seen a car or two decked out with a green circle and a white, zippy "z" on the door. What you have witnessed is the future, Scott Griffith hopes, a future in which no one has to shoulder alone the burden of owning a car in the city. Forget combing the streets for parking spots, shelling out big bucks for insurance, or worrying about what kind of car to get. Through car-sharing a la Zipcar, you only pay for driving when you're actually driving...Read More

Building a Company, One Box at a Time

Entrepreneur: Josh Kowitt & Scott Neuberger
Company: Collegeboxes

Josh Kowitt, 24, and Scott Neuberger, 25, are average guys living, working, and hanging out in Boston. What isn't average about these guys is that they are the CEO and President, respectively, of a company called Collegeboxes, and they were recently named two of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Inc. Magazine...Read More

Telling the Truth About Technology

Entrepreneur: Robin Liss

You know that camcorder you bought last year, a five-hundred-dollar deal that promised top quality but filmed nothing in the dark? Or the digital camera with a faulty zoom lense despite "above average" ratings from, say, Electronics Expert Magazine? Ethics are not the main concern of reviewers whose editorial edges have been greased by gifts and advertising millions. But when Robin Liss posted her first camcorder review online ten years ago at the age of twelve, she opted for tough honesty...Read More

There Is a You in BzzAgent

Entrepreneur: Dave Balter
Company: BzzAgent

Everything at the tips of your fingers. It has been the promise of the digital age, expanding the voice of the people - your voice - into virtually every facet of American life. But in this new, more people-powered world, can the market itself be democratized? And if so, can the democratization of the market turn a profit? David Balter certainly thinks so, and he's got the company to prove it...Read More
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Play The Intern Experience: Uncut Affine Systems is a computer vision company that's changing the way online video is viewed and sold. Started by two guys from Harvard, their technology analyzes the visual content of videos and images to provide contextual advertising and brand protection.
Play The Intern Experience: Uncut 1st Publications is a publishing company fueled by inspiration gained from adventures both planned and accidental. Founded by Morgan First, the company produces MAP Boston, a weekly agenda and city guide created to help make everyday life in Boston more exciting.
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